Ms. S.P. left her infant with the infant’s father while she went to work.  The father physically abused the infant and called Ms. S.P. when the infant was unresponsive.  Ms. S.P. arrived home and called authorities prior to the infant passing away from injuries of the abuse of the father.  The lead detective charged the father with Murder of the infant and interrogated Ms. S.P. for hours as to her knowledge of the abuse.  The State presented the lead detective in front of the grand jury and formal charges were submitted against Ms. S.P. based on his testimony to the Grand Jury.  A motion to remand was filed by attorney Chris Flores which presented the misleading and false information along with a true account of the long and overbearing interrogation of Ms S.P.  At the hearing on the Motion to Remand, the judge ordered that the case be sent back to Grand Jury for a proper hearing and warned the State about presenting such testimony in the future.  The State dismissed the case and never sent it back to the Grand Jury.  Ms. S.P. was released from jail after 8 months of incarceration following the unfortunate passing of her only child.