CR2017-132632-002 Two counts of First Degree Murder, Aggravated Assault, and Attempted Armed Robbery - Four Counts DISMISSED

 Attorney Chris Flores' third consecutive Murder case Dismissed. All verifiable through Maricopa County Superior Court Website.

 Defendant, K.D.C. was originally charged with Two counts of Pre-Meditated Murder; Aggravated Assault, Attempted Armed Robbery; and Misconduct Involving Weapons.

KDC was allegedly to have been one of two shooters in the murder of two men at the Greenway Liquor Store in North West Phoenix. The case was a potential Capital Murder case in which the Defendant could be facing the Death Penalty. During early defense investigation and preparation for the submission of the "non-death" request to the County Attorney's Office, video of the shooting was obtained by the Defense team. The original video was slowed down and enhanced to show that the Defendant, K.D.C., was not a shooter, or involved in aggravated assault or attempted armed robbery. The enhanced video depicted a different account than those portrayed by the witnesses, the police report, and the grand jury testimony regarding the allegations of murder, aggravated assault, and attempted armed robbery. Within three months, the murder, aggravated assault, and attempted robbery charges were all dismissed. The Defendant plead guilty to only the unlawful possession of a handgun, which he had in his possession when he was arrested for the alleged charges.